Yes, RUDcom is Still in Business!

So where's the Website? Isn't this supposed to be one of those SEO, online marketing, Website communication companies?

Yes, yes it is.

An Excuse Thinly Veiled as a Reason

Fortunately, RUDcom's been very busy tending to the needs of its customers—many of whom have been with the company for years, as well as having been personally referred—and updating this Website simply hasn't been a priority.

Until now. It's time. And nothing will make that happen faster than just tearing down the old Website and having to get a new one launched pronto.

Can We Can Still be Friends?

A brand-new spiffy Website will be in place within a matter of days. But you are likely looking for information right now...and for that reason, you are encouraged to click the CONTACT button up there to get more information about RUDcom services, rates and more.